Physical Data Destruction DDRV

Physical Data Destruction – hard disk shredding.

Data destruction – Protecting your data at the disposal stage is vital. A single breach of sensitive data can leave your organisation open to bad publicity, legal action and even fines. Sensitive data on hard drives and other storage media can commonly be overlooked when equipment is disposed of at the end of its lifecycle. In the UK, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has the power to fine organisations which fall foul of serious data breaches, making it important to have a data security policy in place, which may include secure data destruction also referred to as disk shredding or disk disintegration.

In addition to the routine data wiping process we perform on every returned data-bearing device, CSI Lifecycle Services is able to ensure the highest levels of data security with a disk shredding service using our custom-made Data Destruction Recycling Vehicle (DDRV). Our approach is based on the successful DDRV model used by EPC (part of the CSI worldwide group) in North America.

The DDRV has two purpose-built hard disk shredding machines which offer the ability to shred data-bearing devices such as hard drives, CD, DVD, mobile phones and other data bearing media to either 30mm for commercial data or 6mm for highly sensitive data. Also, as there is an option to have the entire disk shredding process performed on-site rather than in-house, any security concerns over chain of custody are eliminated as data never leaves your organisation’s premises.

In order to provide extra peace of mind, the DDRV is equipped with a bespoke video recording system which takes footage of the entire process. The recording also features an overlay system which displays asset serial numbers as they are scanned and shredded. A DVD recording, as well as a certificate of destruction, is then provided to the customer once disk disintegration process is complete.

As part of the CSI worldwide group, CSI Lifecycle Services is able to offer our data destruction solutions on a global scale with 12 CSI-owned locations and access to additional partnered sites around the world. Global banks, governments and multinational corporations have already benefited from the DDRV service, making CSI the ideal provider for your worldwide data destruction and computer recycling needs.

Our services are performed by our technical centre staff, all of whom carry identification cards with them and are HMG BPSS security cleared. This entire process can also be completed on-site, click here to find out more. All shredded media is recycled in accordance of the WEEE recycling regulations.