This month marks a project completion date for one of CSI Lifecycle’s biggest customers – a leading UK and International Law Firm who provide high quality legal advice tailored to both businesses and individuals. CSI Lifecycle Services UK Limited provided various services which spanned from a data destruction to WEEE disposal. The customer took advantage of CSI’s ability to offer fully compliant WEEE recycling services which ensured their IT disposal equipment was dealt with correctly, professionally and compliantly. They also took advantage of CSI’s certified data erasure solution which wiped all existing data-bearing devices which comprised of hard drives, tapes and mobile phones.

When shredding the 724 data bearing media, CSI came across something which in this day, is not very common. This was a 9-inch square tape cartridge which contained enough tape to store a huge 76MB of data. Having been introduced around the year of 1982, it proved something of a novelty for some of our younger technicians who were not around when these were introduced!
CSI came into contact with a 9-inch square tape cartridge which held a huge 76MB of data

CSI’s DDRV Shredder made short work of the Wang tapes along with the hard drives, DVD’s and various other media which resulted in the project running smoothly and on time. We are hoping to get some reel to reel media on one of our upcoming data destruction projects to prove to them that they didn’t just appear on Star Trek!   

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