The major strength of CSI Lifecycle Services lies in our ability to recoup maximum value for your surplus IT equipment, while at the same time removing all the headaches associated with the IT asset disposal process.

Organisations invest a lot of time and energy into the processes involved in the purchasing of their IT equipment, but can often be left wondering how to dispose of old computers and other technology assets they no longer need.

From individual servers and arrays to full data centre decommissions we have the experience and skills needed to ensure that when you dispose of your enterprise equipment it is taken care of professionally. We offer unrivalled expertise when it comes to the removal, data erasure and remarketing of all types servers and storage system and from all major manufacturers including Dell, HP, EMC, Netapp.

It is rare for organisations to have a set IT asset disposal policy, yet this is a vitally important part of the IT lifecycle. Managing this process requires significant expertise which many organisations do not possess internally. Taking shortcuts in the disposal of computer equipment is not an option, and can end up being more costly in the long-term, which is why a trusted and experienced third-party should be involved.

At CSI Lifecycle Services we have over 30 years’ experience in providing IT asset disposal solutions for used computers and other IT-related equipment and can manage the whole process on your behalf. Collections are carried out by trained CSI staff using dedicated vehicles and a bespoke packing solution. We can collect equipment at a pre-agreed time, even out of hours, and have the capability to provide this service on a global scale, with 12 CSI-owned locations and access to additional partnered sites around the world. The vehicles we use come supplied with the appropriate packaging to ensure safe transit and limit possible damage to sensitive computer equipment.

After a full audit and data wiping procedure of your IT assets – for which customers receive a comprehensive asset-by-asset report – we then look to remarket the majority of equipment ensuring re-use, which is now considered to be the most environmentally-friendly form of recycling. Any equipment not fit for re-use is disposed of in compliance with the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive.

Once audited, we can purchase any equipment that retains value in the market, making your old IT equipment work for you. We have dedicated staff with expertise in dealing with laptops, desktop PCs, TFT monitors, servers, storage arrays, printers, networking equipment, telephony, EPOS / POS (Point of Sale) equipment and much more. With a long history in the computer disposal, remarketing and brokerage industry, we can ensure you get a fair return for your equipment while at the same time providing a first class range of IT disposal services.

Our IT Asset Disposal services are carried out by our technical centre staff, all of whom carry identification cards with them and are HMG BPSS security cleared.