This month we were approached by one of our global banking clients with a data destruction project.  Our client tasked us with the destruction of over 14,000 tapes, the first batch of over 200,000 which will be destroyed as part of an ongoing project.

Our HMG BPSS security-cleared staff arrived at the client’s site and spent two entire days scanning each and every tape which was to be destroyed. Once all serial numbers were captured, the data was then reconciled against the client’s database.

The next part of the data destruction project then began: the shred! Each day, the waste was sealed for transportation with each containment unit given a unique tamper-proof serial number. The units were then securely loaded and transported with waste transfer notes completed daily for each trip. This process continued for four days until each of the 14,000 tapes had been destroyed.

Upon completion of the project, all of the waste was securely transported to an energy recovery facility for incineration. As with all of our erasure and data destruction projects, our client was then provided with a full line-by-line asset report and certification of the destruction and disposal along with a video recording of the entire process.

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