Please use the following visuals and text as a guideline for the most efficient packaging procedures possible for systems. If you still have questions about the procedures involved with packing shipments for CSI Leasing, please feel free to email us or call your Returns Specialist at 0114 399 3900

Please Note:  Following the suggestions provided in the CSI Leasing, Inc. Packing Guide is NOT a guarantee that any equipment is sufficiently packaged for transportation. Accordingly, CSI Leasing, Inc. EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ANY REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WHICH MAY BE CONTAINED HEREIN. The Packing Guide merely reflects CSI Leasing, Inc.’s experience as to best practices for returning equipment. It remains customer’s ultimate responsibility to ensure that all equipment is properly packed for transportation and safely returned to CSI Leasing, Inc., regardless of whether customer chooses to follow the Packing Guide suggestions.