In today’s society it is extremely common for a person to own at least one mobile phone. Mobile technology is always advancing and when combined with short mobile contract lengths, this means that perfectly functional devices are discarded.

At this point, consideration must be given to the security of information still held on the mobile, such as:

– Banking information
– Corporate emails
– Passwords
– Location data

Thought must also be given to the residual value in each device discarded. This is commonly disregarded as new technology is released. Additionally, the environmental impacts of disposal of such devices incorrectly can be hugely detrimental.

If you are looking for a suite of services to eradicate all of the above issues, CSI can help! For companies who would like to retain value in their devices, yet still want peace of mind of data security, CSI offers both on-site and off-site Data wiping using Blancco – an industry-leading data erasure software package. Once your phone has been securely wiped, it can then be refurbished for reuse or recycled. To ensure that you gain maximum value from your used equipment, CSI will always look at refurbishment as the first option. When this is not an option, we can recycle in accordance with the WEEE directive. For customers who want total peace of mind with regards to data security, we can offer both on-site and off-site physical destruction using our bespoke data destruction vehicle.

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