“Whilst keen pricing was a major element, the overall package including data wiping, full collection and WEEE certified disposal were also key factors.

I have found responses have been quick and efficient and documentation prompt and correct.”

A Warwickshire College

“We have utilised CSI Lifecycle Services as we had a requirement for a number of high specification refurbished PCs for our data centre at short notice. Delivery was arranged promptly and with no hassle.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend CSI to anyone who wishes to add a partner to their portfolio, rather than just another supplier.”

Global Container Shipping Company

“EPC offers proper disposal of desktop assets. During our due diligence, not only did EPC offer recovery services, they provided a purchase plan for assets still retaining value. They also have a facility that de-manufactures technology to component level for disposal, providing us with maximum assurance that goods were not sent overseas as complete units. Today, EPC provides us with data wipe and onsite destruction services for all our North American facilities.

EPC has saved our company untold dollars by providing onsite services such as inventory, drive wipe, removal, and the coordination or our re-usable assets being shipped to our refurbishment center. This has freed up our employee desktop services teams to provide technical support to our clients and eliminated the man hours needed for the ITAD services. Their reporting is perfect and the all-inclusive client web interface is excellent. Additionally, the revenue returned on assets is above average compared with their competitors. EPC’s audit service goes the extra distance to identify items that we would have considered of no value.

EPC provides the full range of today’s IT recovery and disposal needs reliably, efficiently and cost effectively. They also provide one of the most needed services today in terms of data security. Their processes and procedures are second to none.”

Global Financial Services Provider

“Our IT division needed a company that specialized in IT pick up and disposition that could provide timely services, accurate reporting and most of all the proper assurance that our equipment is being disposed of properly with respect to all environmental regulations while having a keen eye towards our information and data security concerns.

One of the primary reasons we were drawn to explore and ultimately utilize EPC is their ability to perform hard drive/disk and media destruction while physically on site at our data centers and technology hubs.

Since we began using EPC back some 5+ years ago we have been very pleased with not only the services they offer but the professionalism of their staff. One of the key items EPC has been able to provide that was secondary to our initial decision to bring them on board as a vendor partner is their reporting capabilities. With EPC we can go on line and view past disposal pick up specifics as well as any work currently scheduled. Perhaps most importantly, they also give us the ability to take their internal reporting tool and produce meaningful reports for particular locations, time frames, commodities — even down to the raw material level.

Our company is now able to accurately report on our internal “green” and sustainability initiatives.

We are able to keep the chain of custody in place where sensitive information and customer data is concerned limiting our exposure to potential data loss and information security leaks.

EPC is an outstanding organisation with strong skill sets and core competencies relative to IT pick up and disposal. There are a lot of companies that offer these services. But from my experience there are none better than EPC in providing these services along with the assurance that your obsolete IT hardware is being handled appropriately.”

Regional Financial Concern

“We have used EPC for over ten years now. They give us confidence, peace of mind and a terrific time savings over others. They continue to provide a complete disposal process with returns, monetary honesty and friendly individuals taking care of my needs.”

One of the Largest Healthcare Providers in the US

“I know I can rely on the team from CSI, whether it’s arranging a collection at short notice, or providing simple options at end of lease on individual assets, they deliver consistently and affordably.

The college now have a one-stop shop for WEEE disposal, safe in the knowledge that whichever manufacturer or type of technology equipment they choose in future, it can be managed by CSI through its entire lifecycle.”

A Hampshire College

“We have been working with CSI for over 4 years now. We like that we have one person to deal with, who ensures a date and time for collection is scheduled to suit all, and then arranges the post audit paperwork to be sent.

It is very refreshing not to have to chase different departments or be bounced around numerous people to get things sorted when we need it. We also like the fact that when they offer a price for the equipment with value, that subject to auditing they stick to it.

CSI has also when required organised collections at very short notice with again, no hassle. CSI’s responsiveness, ease to deal with, simple paperwork, flexibility and stable account management are just some of the reasons we work with them.”

A West Midlands College

“We are responsible for the safe pack, wrap and outbound freight of thousands of IT assets annually, from several high visibility corporations. Our chosen service providers prior to EPC were having ongoing service failures which were no longer sustainable within our business relations and that of our client, and our lessors.

EPC is by far the premier provider in terms of the services they provide and representing my firm in the field and with our clients.

We have continued to service accounts that were in jeopardy until we introduced EPC years ago and they took over the required field services. Those relationships have now grown exponentially. We also brought EPC into even more of our business areas, such as surplus equipment buys and environmentally sound disposals of end-of-life equipment. With thousands of assets processed, they give us all the reporting and certifications we need and we are still in the plus column on remuneration vs. service fees.

I was lamenting the issues I had with another service provider and it was suggested I call EPC. We have since made them not only our primary, but our only service provider. At our request, EPC uses only their own full time employees – so we don’t have to worry about brokered services by others and the subsequent rate markups. They have a powerful geographical footprint to best service our needs and those of our clients.

EPC’s fee structure is simple and fair. They are fully certified and accredited for all ITAD related services – something everyone sourcing and ITAD service provider should scrutinize. I believe their on-site services, reporting and geographical footprint are second to none.”

Global Fortune 200 IT Lease Provider

“We have now been through a refresh/return cycle, and the end of lease procedure is as professional as the initial lease set-up. The fact CSI Lifecycle Services can also purchase back our obsolete owned equipment is an added bonus.”

A South-East College

“In addition to competitive terms and a full disposal solution, CSI also provide us with a unique service that will allow our staff to purchase PCs that are coming off lease.

An added benefit to staff and no additional administration for us as CSI handle the whole transaction directly with each staff member.”

Global Coding and Printing Technologies Company

“Following discussions with a number of providers, it became apparent that CSI, having the benefit of true manufacturer / supplier independence, could give us the flexibility and service level we needed. This included not only the expertise from CSI investing of residual value in equipment, but also full WEEE disposal and an asset management tool.

It is refreshing to work with the team from CSI. From arranging multi-site collections of end of lease equipment, to paying suppliers promptly, they just seem to get things done without the pain, hassle and frustration you often get with larger companies.”

Global Savings, Planning and Investments Company

“With their on-site surveys, facility audits and effortless tracking of assets, EPC gave our Executive V.P. the confidence to choose them over all the others we had interviewed as part of our due diligence process. Now I no longer have to wait to get things approved for disposal. Once I say EPC is picking it up, I have no problem getting the required signatures from executive management. In addition, EPC provides extremely easy to use online tracking and reporting and great customer service.”

A Global Geoscience Company

We needed a nationwide disposal solution that minimised the security and environmental risks associated with the disposition of leased and owned IT assets while maximising our returns. Although our leasing agreement requires we return leased assets to EPC for disposal, we’re under no such obligation for our other equipment. However, based on the inefficiencies of using multiple disposal companies combined with their service, reliability and cost-benefit advantages, we decided to use EPC as our primary disposal company.”

“The benefits of working with EPC have been entirely positive. The locations we return equipment to are centrally located, saving us money on shipping. Flexibility is huge—they adjust to the many asset disposal needs of our firm quickly and flawlessly. Additionally, their website has a simple interface that allows us to capture and report assets returned back to the leasing company.”

“The customer service at EPC is also excellent. They are quick to respond, organised with their pickups and easy to work consignment deals with.”

“We trust EPC. They wipe all equipment for data security purposes and keep a truly Green initiative. They have always maximised our returns to get the best deal for our company.”

Major B2B and Consumer Retailer

“Due to audit requirements, we have to have on-site destruction of media were we can provide proof of proper destruction. EPC is able to pull up to our site and destroy all the media we give them quickly and securely. The media never leaves our possession, we witness its shredding and we have supporting documentation that completely satisfies all the stringent audit requirements that our company must adhere to.”

“Because EPC has a presence in each market where we have a data centre, we know what to expect regardless of location, with audit documentation that is consistent regardless of geography.”

“Personal service is a mainstay with EPC. I work with so many vendors where I really have to put a lot of effort into doing business with them. With EPC, there is a long and proven history of, ‘what do you need and when do you need it?’ They take over at that point and consistently make it happen. For me, the distinguishing characteristic of EPC and the reason we remain a loyal customer is their people and commitment to quality.”

Nationwide Provider of Solutions to Financial Institutions